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Vaughan residents enjoy all that a technology imbued city has to offer – everything from newly designed facilities, an expanded transit network, and plenty of residential options. It’s a great place to commute from with the recent subway extension and proximity to top spots in the GTA. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, located at the northeast corner of Highway 400 and Highway 7, is the area to keep your eye on. This emerging downtown core is planned to attract economic development opportunities. Notable projects include the PwC-YMCA Tower and new Vaughan Public Libraries branch. Check out our Projects section for existing and upcoming residential developments in this area.

As mentioned earlier, Vaughan is a great place to take public transit. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station is the new northwestern terminus of the TTC’s Line 1 making Vaughan the only municipality in York Region to have subway access. The area is also served by local YRT buses, VIVA Bus Rapidway, and Metrolinx’s GO Transit. Majority of these transportation options will all be interconnected at the SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal which will be finished in 2019. As part of VMC’s vision, bike lanes and other options will make biking and walking easy. All these improvements ensure Vaughan’s transformation into a true downtown core. Meanwhile, you still have HWY 7, 407, 400 at your convenience. You can reach downtown Toronto within 43 minutes via subway and less than 30 minutes by car!

Vaughan is a great choice for new families. You aren’t cramped into tiny units and there’s more than enough greenspace for your outdoor activities. The Kortright Centre for Conservation contains 325 hectares of pristine woodlands where you can enjoy a hike through the fall foliage and it also hosts a plethora of programs like the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival, summer day camp, and environmental education programs for schools.

For those with younger children, there’s a wide selection of schools to choose from. A majority of the elementary and high schools are north of VMC where more of the detached homes are located. However, York University is only a 5-minute subway ride from the VMC Subway Station. Niagara University has also recently opened their new Vaughan campus in January of 2019.

In terms of housing supply, Vaughan consists largely of suburban detached homes; however, with the increasing demand for condominium units in recent years, the VMC region has many high-rises being built or coming soon. A lot of the younger generation prefer the convenience that condo living provides – all the amenities are within your building and there’s minimal household upkeep. You don’t have to mow the lawn, shovel the driveway or maintain the interior or exterior of your home.’s 2016 Census Housing Report shows a 90% home ownership among Vaughan residents – that’s the highest in York Region!

The City of Vaughan has over 335,000 residents and there aren’t any signs of the population growth slowing down. Just from 2011 to 2016, the population grew by more than 35,000. That is 6.2% in just 5 years! More and more companies are making VMC their home in anticipation of better transit for employees, innovative office space and thousands of new residents. Top employers such as KPMG, Miller Thomson, GFL Environmental Inc. and Harley-Davidson Canada are settling in the VMC to be near their clients and professional workforce. Plus, you’ll find the population is quite diverse and multicultural – 105 different languages are spoken and 21% of York Region’s recent immigrants reside here.

Of course, when the transit, schools, housing, and amenities are all superb, the only thing that is missing is a little bit of fun. Vaughan isn’t lacking in that department as Canada’s Wonderland is right in the heart of the city. New rides are always being added and there’s even a Holiday WinterFest coming up. For your shopping needs, Vaughan Mills Mall has over 250 premier outlet shops and many restaurants too. You’ll also find Legoland Discover Centre there as well – a great place for kids and adults to build to their heart’s content. Excitement is just around the corner at Vaughan. Whether you’re looking to make an investment or want a new home – Vaughan is a top choice!